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When Getting Cone Crusher, Pay Attention

Nordberg Cone Crusher Parts SincoCone squashing machine is a recently looked into and created hydraulic crusher with huge power, high crushing proportion as well as high generating capacity. It is made on the basis of taking in as well as absorbing the worldwide advanced-level scientific research and also innovation. Designers and also professionals from Hongxing Machinery suggest that the following 4 variables should be focused on when the clients acquire this device, they are material feeding and also discharging dimension, result, power usage and the abrasion performance of the lining plate.

1. Observe the equipment's material feeding and discharging dimension. The granularity of the ended up products will certainly be little if the feeding size is large. You need to pick super coarse type or rugged kind; or else you ought to select the middle type or the excellence kind. When you are computing the feeding size, you require take the dimension of the most significant feeding hole times 0.85 as the dimensional base of the material feed, yet the ordinary measurement of the finished items is managed the greatest product going into granularity splits the crushing ratio.

2. The largest material giving dimension. The adjustment of the particle dimension, fragment size distribution of material; The material of the solidity, wear resistance of the material.

3. The longer the lining board, the greater the power usage will be. So the difficult material picks brief linings, soft product selects lengthy cellular linings. In the material of circulation, the great material choose short linings, rugged material choose long lining board. Feeding the distribution of bit size, normally talking, less than silent side discharging materials can't a lot more than 10% mouth, if greater than 10%, the rising power usage, the granularity of product can be turned right into flake. Viscous material of water reduced portion of rise can affect the amount of product via, the wetness in the products for, usually less than 5%. In using power: standard Cone Crusher Parts crusher should get to 75% ~ 80%, brief head cone crusher should get to 80% ~ 85%.

4. On the distribution of the feed of the fragment size, generally speaking, it is less than the side of silent discharging mouth, as well as the material is not greater than 10%. If more than, the power consumption will increase the granularity of item existing flake. Typically speaking, when effect crusher is in usage process, you must take note of the adhering to questions to guarantee the regular procedure of the maker. In his job, provide even feed, can't segregation. If the feeding is irregular, it can create production capacity. Likewise note that you can not allow not broken material into the shelter internal, best equipped with except iron gadget. Since if often appear not broken material, can create particular damaged equipment itself.

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